Covid-19 – Working Remotely

As Covid-19 continues to take its toll on the world, at Help Simplify we are here to help businesses modify their infrastructure to meet the new reality of having employees working remotely. 
Connectivity, privacy, data security, and virus protection are all factors that must be considered to effectively allow remote computers, especially computers not managed by the company – (think personal laptops) access to corporate infrastructure. 
Then as time passes, the importance of keeping virus protection and software up to date with new releases to ensure your remote staff remain productive is just as vital. 
At Help Simplify, we specialize and focus on supporting remote work stations, and can take this burden off your plate, while you concentrate on your core business. At this time, nothing is likely more important. 
Please reach out if you are wondering what managed IT support looks like to help set up your employees remotely. We’d be happy to provide you with details for you to determine the value of our services. 
Your Help Simplify Team